Local organizing committee

David M. Sperling (Chair)
Simone Vizioli (co-Chair)
Paulo C. Castral
Ruy Sardinha Lopes
Márcio Minto Fabricio
Luciano B. da Costa

Thematic sessions directors

[01] Theories and design practices in digital contexts
Pablo C. Herrera (Peru) and Underléa Bruscato (Brazil)

[02] Morphogenesis, synthesis and analysis of forms
Marcelo Bernal (Chile) and Wilson Florio (Brazil)

[03] Manufacture and digital construction
Fernando García Amen (Uruguay), Gonçalo Castro Henriques (Brazil) and Mauro Chiarella (Argentina)

[04] Information, models and simulations
Frederico Braida (Brazil) and Miguel Roco Ibaceta (Chile)

[05] Interfaces and devices
Anja Pratschke (Brazil) and Paula Gómez (Chile)

[06] Teaching, research and extension in digital context
Márcio Minto Fabrício (Brazil) and Rodrigo Martin-Iglesias (Argentina)

[07] Creative industries and artistic practices
Mari Tosello (Argentina) and Mateus Stralen (Brazil)

[08] Digital technologies and society
Leonardo Parra Agudelo (Colombia) and Ruy Sardinha Lopes (Brazil)

Scientific committee

coming soon

PhD workshop committee 

Gabriela Celani (Universidade de Campinas) (presidente)
Ana Cuperschmid (Universidade Estadual de Campinas)
Frederico Braida (Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora)
Rodrigo Martin-Iglesias (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
Simone Vizioli (Universidade de São Paulo)