making machines: assembling a 3D printer open source

Anibal Pereira Jr (AJ3D Printer)

It intends to enhance the use of 3D printing technology through open source thinking; to expand the understanding of Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printing and assembly of a printer through open source thinking; to contribute to the understanding of 3D printing applications in Architecture.

3D printing technologies. Open source printers. FFF 3D printing technology. Materials. Overview and step by step of assembling a 3D printing in FFF. Frame assembly. Electronic assembly. Installation of software. Calibration of the printer. Procedures for 3D printing. Printing in practice.

Theoretical-practical method

November 05th and 06th, 2018

14 hours

Target Participants
Interested in general

Number of participants
Between 10 and 15