homo faber 2.0


Homo Faber 2.0: Politics of Digital in Latin America

“Because politics is always a discovery, and because the first political decision – in any activity of theory, history, and criticism of art and architecture – lies in what is visible and what is ignored, what is promoted and what is hidden, what is said and what is silenced and who is silenced”

Architecture and politics: essays for alternative worlds – Montaner and Muxi, 2011


In its first edition, during the CAAD Futures event in São Paulo in 2015, the exhibition “Homo Faber” took the objective of presenting some of the varied application experiences  of digital fabrication in the areas of architecture, design and arts in Latin America.

“Homo Faber 2.0”, bound to XXII Congress of the Iberoamerican Society of Digital Graphics 2018 – “Technopolitics”, aims to take a look at the scenario of digital fabrication in Latin America by discussing  political dimensions of the uses of digital tools: impact of computational methods and new technologies in this context; technical hybridizations; use of regional references; diffusion of knowledge and local appropriations; work and engagement with communities; and specificities of processes, activities and artifacts developed from cultural, economic and social determinants of the region.

Open Call

Architects, designers, artists, fab labs, makers, research groups from Latin America are invited to submit  digital works in the areas of architecture, design and arts, with their own authorship, which are linked to the exhibition theme. The works will be selected by the Curator Committee, based on their relevance to the proposed theme.

Categories of interest

Collaboration processes in design and changes in society
The subversion of technologies
Processes and prototypes of conceptual research (formal and material)
Artisanal-digital hybridism
Re-reading of handcrafted practices by the new technologies
Design of artifacts and their cultural identity


Each author may submit up to 02 projects.

Form available at <https://goo.gl/forms/th1OuphLCPhGK9Ko1>, it is necessary to include the information:

  • Work identification
  • Authorship information
  • Description of the work and link with the exhibition theme (maximum of 500 words)
  • 04 images of process and digital manufacturing object

Instructions to selected works (Required items)

  • Revised / updated text if necessary
  • 04 high resolution images (300 px) of process and digital manufacturing object
  • Video up to 03 minutes presenting the work, the process and the result, following the descriptions below:

Screen aspect ratio: 16:9
Resolution: at least 720p (1280×720)
Maximum time: 180 seconds
Maximum file size: 180 MB
File Extension: mp4 (h264)


  • By registering the works, the authors assume the veracity of the information sent.
  • The exhibition will be composed of: display of videos in exhibition space; exhibition channel available on internet; printed and digital exhibition catalog.
  • There is a future possibility of roaming the exhibition in Latin America.


Call Launch: July 10
Deadline for registration: August 10 August 17
Selected projects notification: August 25 September 03
Deadline for submission of selected projects: September 25
Exhibition: from 5 to 30 November, 2018

Organizing Committee

Rodrigo Scheeren (USP – University of São Paulo | Brazil)
Pablo C. Herrera (UPC – Peruvian University of Applied Sciences | Peru)
David M. Sperling (USP – University of São Paulo | Brazil)


Cultural Center USP São Carlos
Av. Dr. Carlos Botelho, São Carlos – SP, Brazil [13561-003]
For any questions, please send email to <rodrigoscheeren@gmail.com> with the title “Homo Faber 2.0”.